VTR offers customization for custom die, lengths, custom extrusion and  aluminum finishes, Whether you're seeking standard shapes or have a custom aluminum profile requirement, our diverse inventory has you covered. If your project calls for unique specifications, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! Explore more about our customization options today!

VTR has our own mold manufacturing department, which integrates design, manufacturing, heat treatment, repair, and maintenance. Whether you're seeking standard shapes or have a custom aluminum profile requirement, our diverse inventory has you covered.
The main advantages are:
1. Aluminum profiles can be produced with a weight of less than 0.25kg/m per meter;
2. The maximum outer circle diameter of the aluminum profile section is 520mm;
3. Can be used for multi cavity molds (less than 32 holes)
4. The minimum wall thickness is 0.3mm.

Custom Lengths Services
We possess a comprehensive fabrication facility encompassing not just five precision saws, but also press brakes, punch presses, CNC machines, and more. Our expertise in aluminum extrusions is rivaled only by our proficiency in the art of fabrication. Whether it's selecting the appropriate saw blades or maintaining meticulous precision, we comprehend the critical factors and possess the know-how to fulfill your requirements effectively. Cutting charges vary depending on the number of cuts and the precision/tolerance you seek. Contact Us and we can create a custom quote. 1. Cutting tolerance for mill finish is ± 0.15mm, the outer roundness is ± 0.02mm, straightness is 0.3mm/m 2. Max length for anodize can be in 6.3m 3. Max length for electrophoresis can be in 6.3m 4. Max length for powder coating can be in 12m 5. Max length for PVDF can be in 6.5m

Reliable Product Services
Our Fabrication involves the assembly of standard or specialized parts to form parts of a product to be used in the manufacture of the finished piece. While by applying the Manufacturing, however, is a start to finish movement, from the creation of parts through to the final assembly to produce a finished product, often using areas of fabrication within the manufacturing process.

Aluminum Alloys for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)Industry Services
Through a process of design, engineering, and manufacturing, Our OEMs produce component parts, sub-assemblies, complete products, and larger systems. Other manufacturers purchase these items and assemble them into their own products and systems. Aluminum alloys are used extensively by OEMs to produce these smaller components and larger products and systems. Common OEMs industries are the medical, computer, auto, aerospace, and component manufacturing industries. The manufacturing process of many OEM parts and products includes some form of aluminum alloy. As a trusted source among OEM industry aluminum suppliers, our team at VTR has you covered for all your aluminum alloy and extrusion needs. VTR is your reliable source when it comes to supporting the aluminum needs of original equipment manufacturers that need exceptional quality products and reliable service. Whether the need is for corrosions resistance, fatigue resistance, machinability, weldability, strength, or other characteristics, OEMs require specific aluminum alloys and aluminum extrusion shapes. These shapes help achieve the design and specification requirements of these products. Aluminum extruded shapes save weight, machining time, and assembly time which equates to a savings for the OEM in VTR overall cost.

VTR is a pioneer in forming unique designs in architectural and construction products that sets new standards in research, design and technology. With that, we harness creative talents for our employees. Our company cultivates a highly collaborative culture among our over 25 engineers situated in R&D centers across Asia and the US. The cornerstone of our success is designing high-tech products with responsible manufacturing and impressive quality. VTR has a market leading portfolio of innovative brands and exceptional services.
Research and Development
VTR Extrusion R&D Platform /System
Aluminum Design Expertise:
Whether you need to transform an existing steel part into high-quality aluminum, or start fresh from the drawing board, we have the knowledge and design expertise to create cost-reducing, corrosion-resistant, sustainable, lightweight products. As a customer, you have access to the knowledge of our team of metallurgists, chemists, metallographers, physicists, designers, mechanical engineers and technicians – all specialists in aluminum. We offer you a one-stop shop for the prototyping of aluminum products. By combining our expert engineering and design guidance with prototyping capabilities, we can shorten your development cycle and improve your product design process with an aluminum prototype. Our team of application engineers will work with you to identify the best solution available. Research and Development: We also offer research and analysis capabilities. We apply advanced computer simulations to discover the best design option, which reduces costs and lead times in the development process. Our innovation and technology initiatives stimulate and take an active part in business development and technical development of products and processes throughout all of VTR, covering: Improvement of existing products and processes Technical service and troubleshooting Enabling technologies, innovation and intellectual property Metallurgy and Product Design: We place our development specialists close to you. They are experts with backgrounds in engineering, marketing, metallurgy, machining and product design. We offer: Product design development EDM prototyping Corrosion testing Strength and thermal simulations Product simulation Metallurgy and alloy development Technical Service and Troubleshooting: Enabling technologies, innovation and intellectual property

“We’re passionate about creating new innovations that offer unique benefits to our customers and Employees。”

In conclusion, the most common aluminum profile used in the industry is the extruded aluminum profile. This type of profile allows for complex shapes and customization, making it perfect for a wide range of applications, Thus, in VTR is a one-stop service solution for many clients throughout US, Australia and European. With our value engineering process, we are specialized in providing the high-quality material and service at affordable price. A dedicated planning team will analyze each scope of work and design in a way to make sure our clients are benefited out of it.

“Quality  means doing it right when no one is looking”
As Vietnam develops as the new sourcing hub of the world, VTR can be your partner that assists your supply chain expansion. Empowered by our experience in product development, quality control, and lean manufacturing, you will feel confident when venturing a global logistics systems with your sourcing initiatives with us. Also, with our offer of one-stop manufacturing services, our customer’s buying plan is made easier and more convenient than ever as VTR provides a professional and efficient delivery time.

VTR-Quality control Process
VTR has a strict quality control process and comprehensive quality control management ISO9001. We divide our quality control into 3 inspection section IQC, IPQC and  FQA.. Sampling rate and frequency are set forth by the Acceptable Quality  Level signed by Customers. Our QC team in VTR composed of educated sophisticated people that have above 10 years of experience in the QC field. Our quality control goal is to realize our goods 100% qualified.

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