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VTR Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. is a Singapore-invested aluminum alloy new materials company. The company's development provides customers with systematic product solutions from innovative design, green production, high-performance materials, intelligent production, customized services, etc. Located in Vietnam, VTR has actively expands the application fields of aluminum alloy products, such as new energy resources automobile, aerospace, high-speed rail, ship and other high-end fields. Through the cooperation and development with related fields, we jointly promote the development of aluminum alloy extrusion products and provide broad development space for the aluminum alloy industry. Through the cooperation and development with related fields, we jointly promote the development of aluminum alloy extrusion products and provide broad development space for the aluminum alloy industry. VTR carry on our goal “Success Always Belongs For Those Who Are Prepared”.  Our company make sure that our customers have chosen the right products for their projects with our efforts on product research and innovation. After more than 5 years, VTR continues to be committed in making a difference in the lives of our customers.  Our business is the by product of our founders’ idealistic leadership along with our diligent workforce. We focus on our utmost goal, being of service to our customers, lowering their costs without reducing quality and ensuring prompt delivery.  The aluminum industry is booming. Thanks to the metal’s light weight and versatility, aluminum is being used in an increasing number of manufacturing  industries, from  automotive, aerospace, transportation, shipyards, locomotive, renewal energy, architectural and building construction to suspension bridges.
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Cooperation Process

Our workshop will covers an area of about 66,000 square meters founded in 2018 which compose of Aluminum Smelting, Casting , Extrusion, Powder coating , Anodizing,Deep processing: high-precision cutting, positioning punching, turning outer circle, boring, turning plane and other high tech equipment's.

Aluminum Extruder: 24 machines
600T : 2 machines  (860 mt/month)
800T: 3 machines ( 1500 mt/month)
1000T : 8 machines   (4800 mt/month)
1800T : 8 machines  (4560 mt/month)
2300T : 1 machine  (650 mt/month)
2750 T: 1 machine  (780 mt/month)
4000T: 1 machine  (850mt/month)
Surface Finish
VTR can perform a range of different surface treatments, powder coating, anodizing, wood grain, etc., to meet different application needs.
Powder Coating Capacity:600 tons/month
Guaranty:10-20-30 years
Multiple colors to choose, also supporting customized colors from Dulux, AkzoNobel, PPG, and so on.
Exterior & Interior use
Deep Processing In order to meet different application scenarios, to provide customers with a variety of solutions and one-stop services, VTR can provide a variety of processing services. For high value-added and deep processing products, VTR has the ability to perform different processing and product assembly.

We have a complete production line to meet different processing needs: Die casting line Punching machine CNC Welding line Milling machine Grinding machine Bending machine Assembly line
Plastic Injection line Packing line
Here at VTR, we work together to reach our client’s goals. As partners, we collaborate in a way that mutually benefits us. May it be from OEM/ODM, branding, or even enhancing overall business propositions. Whether you are already working with an OEM/ODM or this is just your first, considering your OEM/ODM as a dependable partner in positioning your business for progress can be a leverage that shifts your company to the next level. VTR gives a fresh view at OEM/ODM relationships. Our company is where secured partnerships offers benefits not limited to just carrying out products. You can trust that we can fill in the gaps. Because no matter how big you are, you never have enough resources, and this is where VTR gladly comes in.
Office Add: No. 10 Road, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone,
Tan Thuan Dong Ward, 7th District HCM City, Vietnam. Factory Add: Dat Do I Industrial Park,  Noong 3, Phuoc Long Tho Commune, Dat Do District, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, Vietnam Office Tel.: +84-272-3599918 Email: cathy@top-ranking.cn         edison@top-ranking.cn           amy@top-ranking.ccn


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